Sunday, October 4, 2009

Day 4

Abs yoga with Rodney Yee, about 20 minutes. WiiFit says I gained .9 pounds; ugh. Oh, well, it's not day-to-day. (Plus I had LOTS of hair cut off, so I had hoped that would be something lost!

Food: Super Golden Crisp with 1% milk, large hot chocolate from Starbucks (half the chocolate), poor lunch choice at Macaroni Grill--grilled cheese with tomato and a few Romano chips, a piece of bread with oil and pepper, and a sprite; a piece of toast (Tuscan Boule bread) with butter (after I cut off the section with the cat-tongue marks!); and an awesome Chipotle-inspired chicken fajita-burrito (chicken with enchilada sauce, Mexican cheese, rice, corn, shallots, and seasonings on a flour tortilla), and one delicious peanut butter Dove chocolate. Maybe I'll have a couple of m&m's while reading, but most are blue, so I won't eat them.

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